Brenda Braxton

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“I’m a spiritual being living a human experience hoping to

leave an amazing, uplifting and unforgettable footprint on the world... 


                                                                                  Brenda Braxton 

Welcome to my site! This site is dedicated to women over 50 who often feel like the forgotten women. More and more women are deciding to enter their ACT 2 by re-defining themselves. Occasionally they have given up on their personal dreams and goals in order to have a family and/or raise children. Some may have had careers but now find something is missing.

My personal journey has made me realize how much we need a voice! I would never have thought at age 58, I would have lost my home, marriage, business, not have a steady paycheck and returning to the dating scene. But my “Now What?” moment really hit home when I heard those words every actress fears “…They’ve decided to go younger!” WOW!

This ACT 2 website not only chronicles MY new journey with my team of Leading Ladies (ex-Showgirls in the Act 2 of their lives) but is also for women over 50 who are ready to experience awesome seminars, workshops, road trips and performances that will help jumpstart the ACT 2 of their lives. Webinars are great but sometimes old school hands on is even better. It’s about setting goals and reaching your dreams when you thought there was nothing left. You just need a girlfriend’s helping hand and a fierce pair of pumps!

So join me on this journey as I show you how life over 50 can be fun, exciting and a little crazy, because I know life is already looking up! Be the Leading Lady of your life. Follow this “showgirl” as she takes on ACT 2 and we can find our "Now What?"… together!