Afternoo of Possibilities

I began the Act 2… Now What? journey with two amazing events called “An  of Possibilities”. These events were discussions about life over 50 and really allowed these women to see what launching their personal Act 2 would look like and was also an introduction to future workshops. Act 2... Now What? Fierce women over 50!

New Yor City 2015

  • The first Afternoon of Possibilities took place in 2015 in New York City. Our oldest participant was 93-years-young, proving it’s never too late to start your Act 2!

South Africa 2017

  • The second Afternoon was held in Johannesburg South Africa, proving that women over 50 are the same no matter where she is!

Seminars / Workshops

3 and 7 Day Workshops

It’s great to be able to use modern technology and social media in our day to day lives but there’s nothing like actual physical contact. Our seminars are designed to get back to sharing energy that just doesn’t come through your computer or phone. Many of us rush through our lives and don’t take the time to really connect anymore. Or do something JUST for ourselves. So here’s your chance to show up…for you!

ACT 2…Now What? 3 day workshop series is designed to give women over 50 that needed boost to get on with the NEW phase of their lives. It’s an in your face sort of boot camp with life coaches (ex Broadway Showgirls) who won’t take no for an answer. So there will be much drama (all good) and stories of triumph as only a Showgirl can tell! But you have to be ready to carry your own weight. This is NOT A BOO HOO SESSION. We might give you 15 minutes to get it off your chest and then it will be “OK…SO WHAT…NOW WHAT?!

The workshop is broken into three days. The first two days you meet your ACT 2 coaches, identify your goals, set up your kick start strategy for the week and meet other likeminded women who are ready to make a difference in their lives and the people around them. We discuss those “things” that go on mentally, physically, spiritually and yes sexually (we’re over 50…NOT DEAD!). 

We also have many thought provoking exercises and a “BE FIERCE!” part of the day where we help you release that “inner Leading Lady” in you! The final day is a week later. We discuss how your week progressed as you implemented your ACT 2 strategies and how to move forward and STAY FIERCE!!

ACT 2...Now What? 7 day workshop is designed the same as the three day with the exception of participants being able to have a more hands on experience. The week long seminar gives them a chance to dive deeper into their dreams and goals with the same in your face boot camp experience with their life coaches.

The workshop is broken into four days during the week to give participants a chance to go away, work on their mission and return for feedback. As in the 3 day workshop, their asked to answer the preliminary questions. 

Core Team


ALLISON is a New York native and CEO / founder of I STYLE MODELS, a wife and mom with over 40 years as a professional entertainer, She made her Broadway debut as the Tornado Eye in The Wiz with Stephanie Mills. Other Broadway credits include GUYS AND DOLLS, DANCIN, SWEET CHARITY, MAHALIA, as well as writer credits on the original Broadway production of PIPPIN, JELLY’S LAST JAM and DREAMGIRLS.

She can be heard on both, radio and commercial voiceovers, the original soundtrack for the theme song to Sesame Street and a recurring role as a singer on One Life to Live. 

Ms. Williams Foster has traveled all over the country as a dancer and background vocalists for various artists, such as, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Bobby Brown, Meli’sa Morgan, Christopher Williams, GQ, Randy Muller, Change, Kevin Ross, Chrisette Michele and Neyo. 

Videos include Cameo, Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes and the legendary Roberta Flack. 

In 1994 Allison opened her business with Mary Kay Inc., the #1 skincare and color cosmetics company, in the U.S. In her first year she moved to Senior Sales Director, the top 2% of the company, noting her as a top beauty consultant. Thousands of lives have been touched in her 20 years through mentoring and empowerment, earning her several prestigious Awards and the honor of 8 free Mary Kay cars. 

In 2003, she launched IMAGE STYLE & YOU, LLC, a full image consulting service. She has developed seminars on etiquette and empowerment, now being taught to children in 66 libraries in the New York area. Now in her ACT II, as the founder and CEO of I STYLE MODELS the runway company, under the umbrella of IMAGE STYLE & YOU, LLC. she brings every element of her background to the success of her company. Her future plans include High End events that will attract economic development to the Bergen County Area, but also bring stimulating opportunities to our youth. “An incredibly supportive family has allowed me to dream BIG!”

“What’s invisible becomes visible when you go inside see the big picture then execute!” Now pass it on!”

Allison Williams-Foster 


BABS wears the title of The Space Tamer, a professional organizer. She is frequently asked how she found her way to this kind of work and her quick response is, "I am a reformed messy-maniac and a stuffologist". Her previous careers have been varied and numerous, ranging from waitressing, office work, running her own promotional business, being a regular guest host (and one of the first) on shopping networks, and an actress and singer, fronting her own Country/rockabilly/blues band. 

How she managed to accomplish all of this is rather miraculous considering the conditions of her living space. A turning point came after a year where everything in her life unravelled and she had not a clue as to what to do next. 

One morning, in her late 50s, she awoke and took a look around at her abysmal living conditions and, in that moment, her need for clarity fueled her desire for a living space that reflected her true self. 

Much to her amazement, in the process of clearing her space, all sorts of new opportunities came knocking, one of them being the request from a couple of friends (after seeing the transformation of her space) to help assist them with clearing, organizing and arranging their space. Babs began to notice that, not only did she seem to have a special gift for this work, but in every case, as each person’s space cleared, their lives also began filling with desired opportunities. Babs is now busier than ever with a life filled with everything she enjoys doing, from Space Taming to acting and singing. She will be the first to say that life is more mysterious and wonderful than we can imagine! We just have to clear the space for the wonder to enter. 


SONIA manages and develops communications strategies and branding for the nation’s largest and most complex municipal tax administration, which manages more than $33 billion and values more than one million properties for a total market value of $988 billion.

Before joining the Department of Finance, Sonia was editorial director at Black Enterprise, responsible for content direction across multiple platforms including television, magazine, events and digital, breaking editorial exclusives with top business talent such as Xerox CEO Ursula Burns, former McDonalds CEO Don Thompson, Canadian billionaire Michael Lee Chin, and Oprah Winfrey. 

She launched and managed several brand franchises including the “Most Powerful Executives in Corporate America,” and commissioned the first stories on the LGBT community, including the cover “Black and Gay in Corporate America,” which won the 2012 GLADD Media Award for Outstanding Magazine Article.

In addition, Sonia served as television correspondent for the Black Enterprise Business Report and Our World with Black Enterprise, a syndicated TV program focusing on financial and professional development. 

She was the founding editorial director of the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit, the premier annual leadership conference for professional women of color.

In 2009, Sonia co-authored Good is Not Enough: And Other Unwritten Rules for Minority Professionals (Penguin Books), which was nominated for an NAACP Image Award. She is also on the advisory board of the California’s Women’s Conference, one of the largest women’s conference in the country.

Sonia, a mother of two, is a graduate of Emerson College and holds a BA in communications studies.

Guest Speaker


HARRIETTE is a Lifestylist and branding coach who has devoted her career to supporting people as they build their dreams. For 20 years she has coached entertainers, entrepreneurs and business professionals to present their brands effectively, including entertainers Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu, Carl Thomas, JoJo, Neon Hitch, Nico & Vinz and Andra Day; as well as corporate and not-for-profit professionals such as ZenithOptimedia, MoxieInteractive, Digitas, IPG Mediabrands, BET Networks, the National Urban League, Bank of America and Lockheed Martin.

For 15 years Cole has written the nationally syndicated advice column, Sense & Sensitivity. She has penned 7 books, including the bestselling Jumping the Broom: The African American Wedding Planner, How to Be, Choosing Truth and 108 stitches: words we live by. Cole executive produces and hosts a weekly video series, The Root Live: Bring it to the Table, presented by Prudential. Harriette has been a contributor to the Today Show for more than a decade.

In 2016 Cole launched an inspirational and educational initiative, DREAMLEAPERS, which is a multi-pronged engagement designed to help people access and activate their dreams.

Ms. Cole co-executive produced a television special about Prince that was nominated for an NAACP Award.

Cole started her career at ESSENCE magazine where she served as Contemporary Living Editor and Fashion Director. She was founding Editorial Director of UPTOWN magazine, editor of American Legacy Woman, and creative director and Editor-in-Chief of EBONY.